May 2019

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MAY 2019

Irish Set Dancing
in Dublin

Social fun &
learning when to stay in
– and when to go out!

After the strenuous physical work and emotional challenges of ballet and pole dancing, Irish set dancing in Dublin was supposed to be just a fun break! But found it oddly difficult to convince myself to go out to do it. Maybe I was just exhausted. In the end, I attended just one class and one public performance.

But maybe, despite myself, I learned the most important lesson that was needed at the time: that it’s really up to me to get out and enjoy myself. I’m free to stay in, if I really want to – but I miss so much if I make a habit of that!

I’m grateful to have learned that lesson in Dublin, because it’s given me heightened motivation to take part, now, in the music and dance scene in Austin – and I’m so glad I am!